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For foil, the color may look different depending on the background color, color temperature, monitor setting, mobile phone screen setting, etc.

If you refer to the attached video, you can see the color closest to the actual color.

In the case of glossy gold, there are two types of glossy gold, which is a common gold foil used by glossy gold 1, and glossy gold 2 is a little darker gold.

It's hard to tell the difference without comparing the two directly, so it doesn't matter which one you choose.

In the case of foil Stamping, the results can vary a lot depending on the material of the sheath, and leather with oil on the surface, such as vegetable leather, may not foil well.

Please understand that we cannot provide you with the exact setting value.

If the result has smudged after foil stamping, The leather protective material can be wiped off by wiping off the smudged part with a sponge. Using an eraser is one way.


● The width of the foil may be ±2mm.

● The color of the foil may vary from photos and videos.

● Depending on the material, it may not be imprinted.

Foil Specification

● width : 40mm, 80mm

● Length: 120m

● Country of manufacture: South Korea

● Manufacturer : TPS KOREA (KOLON)